Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Are Nicotine Replacements Practical?

Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Are Nicotine Replacements Practical?

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2017

People often think that there are easy ways to stop smoking. They rely on nicotine
replacements, such as patches, gum, vaporizers and e-cigarettes, which are
considered a common method as well as one of the fasted ways to quit smoking.
Nicotine replacement therapy in general, and nicotine patches specifically are used as
a common method for quitting smoking. The patches are adhered to the body and
release set amounts of nicotine over a period of time in order to supply the body with
its nicotine fix.
The idea behind nicotine replacement therapy is to allow smokers to rid themselves of
the smoking habit without having to deal with the physical symptoms of addiction
withdrawal and once the habit is broken, they can gradually cease the dependence on

What Do Nicotine Substitutes Actually Do?
The main problem is that many people seem to think that smoking is a habit rather
than coming to terms with fact that it is actually an addiction.
Once nicotine replacements are used, they reinforce the body's need for nicotine,
rather than break it. The only way to withdraw from nicotine addiction is to stop the
supply to the body.
If smokers don't understand how nicotine addiction works, it's much harder for them to
handle the psychological aspects and the misconceptions associated with cigarettes.
While the physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine are relatively easy and quick to
overcome, the psychological aspects of sacrifice and relinquishment of the pleasures
of smoking cause great suffering to smokers and it is therefore likely that they will
return to smoking at some time.

The Solution for Breaking the Smoking Addiction.
Usage of nicotine replacement therapy maintains the need for nicotine rather than
eliminating it. There is only one way to stop smoking permanently. The solution for
quitting smoking is connected to the understanding that the physical and psychological
aspects of withdrawal must be treated simultaneously.
Once the components of the nicotine addiction trap are understood, it becomes
perfectly clear that in order to be released from its dependency, nicotine consumption
needs to cease entirely.

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking
The Allen Carr method is the only one that treats the psychological aspects, by
neutralizing the suffering and depression that derive from the sacrifice of giving up
cigarettes, alongside the physical difficulties of withdrawal from nicotine.

Only a method that addresses both of these aspects simultaneously can help smokers
to quit smoking easily and permanently.

You owe it to yourself.
If you have already made the decision to stop smoking, you should know that there is a
proven, simple and fast solution that has already helped millions of people around the
world quit smoking.


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